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Globalization I.Q.

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NOTE: If the questions seem difficult, try working your way through the modules in the Indroduction to our Free Course on Globalization.
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1: Globalization may be defined as:
the closer integration of the countries and peoples of the world
a plot by developed countries to economically and politically dominate other nations, especially developing nations
"world trade" by another name
2: The WTO (World Trade Organization) is designed to:
establish trade barriers
promote exchange rate stability
provide funds to countries in times of financial crisis
provide a forum for settling trade disputes
3: The headscraf ban in France was
due entirely to the events of September 11
designed to specifically persecute Muslims
opposed by all Muslims in France
due to French laws requiring separation of church and state
4: Country X is very efficient in producing camera lenses and cars, while its trading partner, Country Y, is somewhat less efficient in producing camera lenses and much less efficient in producing cars. Country Y should
stop trading with Country X
set up import tariffs on cars from Country X, so that its domestic car workers will not lose their jobs
divert more resources to the produciton of cars
divert more resources to the production of lenses
5: The average GNP per capita of the bottom 20 nations in the world has increased during the last 30 years due to globalization.
6: Moral cosmopolitanism supports the idea that
the U.N. is the only legitimate authority in the world today
all of your rights are just those granted by individual nations
your first allegiance is to your country and your second allegiance is to a world government
your first allegiance is to humanity as a whole
7: Trade deficits always cause a net increase in unemployment
8: The IMF
is supported entirely by tax money contributed from developed countries
makes all its decisions by means of a security council controlled by developed nations
has never contributed funds to developed nations
has been accused by important and influential critics of causing poverty in developing nations
9: The World Bank estimated that in 2001 approximately ______________ people lived in extreme poverty (incomes of less that $1.00 per day).
650 million
850 million
1.1 billion
2.3 billion
10: The U.N. follows a "one country - one vote, and majority rules" procedure for major resolutions, such as those that commit U.N. troops.
11: Since the founding of NAFTA in 1994, the GDP of Mexico has
remained the same
12: Since the decisions of the IMF, U.N., and WTO are heavily influenced by the policies and preferences of developed countries, it is fair to say that the vast majority of the world's population is under-represented by these organizations.

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